Simplilearn Reviews – Best Online Learning Platforms?

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Best Online Learning Platforms

A nice learning experience with Simplilearn

Simplilearn Reviews

I had enrolled in the Business Analytics Expert Master Program course. It contains five courses as follows:

simplilearn review


  1. Business Analytics with Excel
  2. Data Science with R
  3. Tableau 10
  4. Data Science with Python
  5. Data Science with SAS


So I would like to share my views one by one on the above courses.

Business Analytics with Excel

It contains self-learning videos that are good enough to complete an industry-based project.

Data Science with R

It contains self-learning videos along with live classes. Instructors are professional and I’m glad to have “Deepti Gupta – My Trainer” for my live classroom. She is very skillful, strict and doesn’t allow anyone to be lazy in the classroom. The classroom was very live and interactive in her session. Since it was my first experience with simplilearn on a positive note. I was very excited for upcoming classes.

Tableau 10

It contains self-learning videos along with live classes. Even as above I was blessed to have “My classroom Trainer as GuruRaj” for Tableau 10. He teaches every basic contains clearly again and again, till everyone understood. He never leaves anyone unanswered. Very Skillfull.

Data Science with Python

It contains self-learning videos along with live classes. “My Trainer – Anand” was very active and professionally skilled. This course is very fast and one needs to be very fond of digging things on their own and needs to practice every day.

simplilearn reviews

Data Science with SAS

This course seems ok to me, since every time I can’t find the Best trainer as above but even he was skillful.
In the above courses you are flexible to choose your Live Classes.

Simplilearn support team (Vishnu, Nishant and many more) are helpful and supportive. They always take feedback about there trainers and courses.

It’s always good to take feedback from whom who had attended this Master Program course and I’m purely eligible for it.

Willing to learn again from Deepti, GuruRaj and Anand. Thank You Simplilearn for the great learning experience.


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